Creepypasta scenario masterlist

And since Jeff has a sort of contract with Slender, one of the ones able to grant these alternate forms, he has one. It looks normal enough to pass as human, but it is very, very scarred. And he can actually be pretty sweet, though very stubborn, when around the object of his affections. Not being nearly as confident as he likes to make everyone believe, he tends to be quite nervous and jittery when talking about his feelings.

And the better he knows the person, and what they like, how they really feel about him, etc… The less likely he is to act that way. He was sure that they would reject him and would be in total shock when they did none of the above, but instead wrapped their arms around him and told that they were his, no matter what he looked like, as he had won them over with his personality and not his appearance.

Originally posted by cinemamind. This is messed up, just to tell you Jeff when noticing their scars instantly is aware that these are self-harmed and look quite old. He thinks the scars are pretty and he himself does mark them but only faint that it can be easily bandaged. Jack reassures his SO if they start to cry or get anxious making them touch some of the scars he has on his body as well.

Originally posted by dreamproxyaesthetics. From the moment they encountered him, Slenderman let them live. Originally posted by enigma-spirit. Once discovering the old self-harm scars, he knew he just discovered the dark secret his SO tried to hide from him. He orders them to stay still as he traces his tails along with the scars pressing it lightly as Jack tells them stories of children who have gone through the same thing.

He becomes happy instantly, his mood changing when they promise. Keep reading. Am I still posting it? Hell yeah. Despite their constant rivalry in daily life, there seems to be absolutely none when it comes to your sexual relationship. Likewise, Masky loves the view he gets of how hard Hoodie thrusts into you, pushing you further onto his dick.

Absolutely using you to fulfill their darkest fantasies. Only small whimpers that further fuel Hoodie into pushing you against his cock.Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4.

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Chapter 5. Chapter 6. DBD Killers aftercare Headcanons. Michael Myers going from Killer to Survivor Headcanons.

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The Legion SFW headcanons. Meeting the Legion Headcanons. Sexy Apron with the Legion nsfw. BDSM Trapper headcanons. The Trapper smut scenario nsfw.

creepypasta scenario masterlist

The Ghostface daddy kink headcanons [nsfw]. Nsfw and Sfw headcanons for Michael Myers with a male partner. Reader and Michael Myers Headcanons. Roommates with Michael Myers. Roommates with Michael Myers part 2 nsfw. Sexy Apron with Michael Myers nsfw. Chubby Harry Warden headcanons. Bo Sinclair Headcanons sfw, part 2. Domestic Norman Bates Headcanons sfw.

Soulmate AU with Billy and Stu sfw. Pegging Ash Williams [nsfw]. Cockwarming with Michael and the Sinclair Twins. Coulorblind Soulmate! AU with Michael and the Sinclair siblings. A Roll in the Hay - Bubba Sawyer. Pretty and Possessive - Michael Myers [nsfw]. Michael, Jason, Bubba, and Brahms as fathers. Thomas Hewitt relationship headcanons. Eddie Gluskin breeding kink scenario.

Being in a relationship with Lucas Baker. Reader visits Sal in prison scenario.Originally posted by porcelainpastelprincess. Kagekao, Jeff The Killer, Sonic. Smiley, The Chassmaster, Nick Vanill. This boy will chase you down just to wrap his long arms around you.

Heck, you might actually see him blush! If you catch him in the act, he will deny it, saying it was just an ad that popped onto the screen. Originally posted by extramadness. Maybe even their body language as well. Jeff The Killer: What makes someone intriguing to him is someone who is unique.

Dark Link: What makes a person intriguing to him is when their eyes gleam when they talk about something they really like.

Maybe even someone that can challenge how he thinks or if they can make him see things in a different way. Masky: What makes someone intriguing to him is their maturity. It makes him interested in befriending them.

Even when somebody talks proper towards him, it makes him wanna learn more about them. Ticci Toby: What makes someone intriguing to him is that someone always makes themselves helpful in any situation. Originally posted by valvenaut. When she saw you dancing, it brought out her younger self. Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld. Thank you for everything! But, when you had time to make this, with my favorite Creeps, can you plis make Good luck with the quarantine!

Then Sally will start a pillow fight! Kageako will probably watch movies while cuddling, or you two could have a warm bath together. You and Liu might watch funny videos all day, or you two can have a baking competition to see who can make better baked goods.

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed. Aesthetics for the proxies pls?

creepypasta scenario masterlist

Originally posted by kumiiko. Posts Archive. Most of my writing are gender neutral so everyone can read them, if you want a female, male, etc. My other accounts: dangerousfellows-hc lovely-kpop-writer Updates may be slow because I could be on my other account for the day.Tip Jar: x. Commissions: x. Smut prompts: x. Writing prompts: x.

Yandere Alphabet: x. Creeps meeting Dr. Prompts 6 and 35 NSFW. Prompts 22, 56, 58 and 99 NSFW and yandere. Prompts 7 and 20 NSFW. Touch starved darling yandere.


NSFW Headcanons. NSFW Alphabet. Prompts 35 and 90 NSFW. Prompts 28 and 30 NSFW. Prompts 8 and 55 NSFW. First time with a virgin male! In heat headcanons NSFW. Prompts 69 and 94 NSFW. Prompts 8 and 17 NSFW. Prompts 55 and 75 NSFW. NSFW Drabble. Darling trying to fight back yandere.

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Ask Game. Restless NSFW. Prompts 49 and 59 NSFW. Being overprotective of Evan. Prompts 70 and 73 NSFW.Oikawa fighting some other pretty boys for his crushes affection. Which of the boys like to sub ; NSFW. Akaashi phone sex NSFW. Kuroo and Akaashi react to fem! Karasuno third years liking their co-worker at their part time job.

Stargazing with Yams. Suga getting his ears pierced. Karasuno as your squad in high school. Oikawa getting peggeeeeeeeed awh yeaaaahhh NSFW.

Om603 head

Bokuto and Ushijijma receiving head. Karasuno and Iwa PDA.

creepypasta scenario masterlist

What the Captains and Co-captains borrow from their gf. Teacher Kuroo and Iwa getting down and dirty with their T. Tsukki, Kenma, Kuroo and Oikawa getting confused as lovers by an old lady with their crush. Kenma getting a love letter. How Seijou act around their crush.

Moniwa, Akaashi and Yamaguchi proposing. On a date with Lev, Oikawa and Kuroo. Yaku confessing to crush.

Suga and Oikawa fluffy headcanons. Karasuno flirting with oblivious crush. Karasuno serenading crush. Kise fighting other pretty boys for crushes affection. Gom reacting to their partner being very flexible. Satsuki movie night fluff with gf. Aomine reacting to fem! Satsuki getting caught in the rain with fem! Hayama daddy kink smut NSFW. Satsuki smut with her fem!

creepypasta scenario masterlist

Imayoshi getting called daddy. Kise getting called daddy NSFW. Dick headcanons NSFW there are pics there, be warned. Kisumi fighting other pretty boys for his crushes affections. Gou movie night fluff with gf. Iwatobi boys react to falling in love at first sight. Sousuke reacting to fem!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This blog hasn't been updated in eons and like now with the ban I suppose even if I had continued writing I'd have had to stop anyways, but let the filthy shenanigans and debauchery live on in the archive.

I love this blog with all my heart.Victor Krum was ready to fight Xenophilus Lovegood of all people in the goddamn street because he was wearing the wizard Nazi symbol from ww2.

Like no holds barred throw down. But victor and his friends kicked their asses to show that kind of thing would not be allowed. Krum was one of my favorite side characters in the Harry Potter series because of how much he helped in the series.

Take care of yourself. Being a girl is scary in so many ways. Yeah it can happen to men, but cmon they see females as an easier target. A big thank you to all the folks in the delivery service who help keep our world moving everyday. Give that man an Oscar, because Chris loves dogs and dogs love C hris.

Originally posted by catalytically-rampant. I have fallen deeply in love with you and I need you by my side. Originally posted by villainquoteoftheday. Keep reading. I Love You to the Moon and Back. Posts Likes Requests? Self Page Archive. Taking requests for any character. Just appreciate him. If for no other reason then because he appreciated Hermione. Protect my foreign son and his goodness. Let Victor punch Nazis 2k Boy straight up had his own gang of nazi-punching bros, heck yeah.

Like to charge, reblog to cast. Speak it to the universe! This will get better! We will recover! I agree on this corrective asswhoopin. And there is a solid chance of a collective asswhoopin, or an actual arrest for attempted rape. When in doubt, make the biggest scene you can.

Happy Bunny day.

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Even though Alastor is asexual, I am writing for a non specific gender readery. Gifs are made by: villainquoteoftheday, horsesaround, pruientpuddlejumper, zombooyah2thesequel, and sonjackcarl. You sound so sweet and happy.Some times he knows what is going to happen before you do.

And when wake up will cuddle with you. This is not going to work. And probably put one in each room of your house, maybe in your car. For hours. And maybe give you some not-poisoned candy. Originally posted by edsgazebos.

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As bad as it sounds, I think the reason I enjoy yandere versions of characters is because the thought of someone loving me unconditionally is really nice. Originally posted by rhetthammersmithhorror. You face. He likes to examine it, admiring its geometry. Your eyes shapes and color, the color of your skin, your cheekbones, your lips, your eyebrows, everything. He will be happy doing toys and even clothes for your child. He likes spooning and being the big spoon. He also likes when you sit on his lap and lay down on top of him.

Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx.

Night of the Creepypastas (EAS Halloween Special)

He likes to spent time on your house, since he could outside too much. It depends on the moment. He is romantic and never screams at you. But he loses all his posture once you are in bed. He likes to hold your hand covering it with his, since his hands are a lot bigger. He will holds your hand when you are walking together, mostly.

But if you want to hold his hand. He started to analyze you, searching for imperfections. When he does, they are not funny. He likes to hold your face with one of his hands, so he can be in control. He knows how to make you few good, so chill and let he be in the command. He also likes to put you against a wall while he does it. Yes, he spoils a lot. He does a lot of toys for you and also buys almost everything you say you need or what he thought you would like.

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